XJ 6 Jessy Wakeman by VVITch

Jessy Wakeman Pulled from Deviant Art. Poster created by VVITch...

XJ-6, a.k.a. Jessy Wakeman, is one of the XJ robots. She has green pigtails, one arm, a duplex screen, each with one eye and mouth, and three spider legs, and can also have the personality of a real Jealous cause. She shows in many episodes throughout MLAATR series, that everyone thinks that Jenny Wakeman is prettier than her, and can even go as far as starting cat fights if not handled with the proper care.


Sibling Tsunami (Her First Appearance)

Sister Sledgehammer

Agent 00-Sheldon (No Lines)

Escape from Cluster Prime (Brief Cameo)

Labor Day (Brief Cameo)