X-J line
I started the X-J line to replace Armggdriod not fight him, but he needs to be stopped before someone loses thier life.-Nora Wakeman in Armaggedriod.

The X-J Line was made to replace one of Nora Wakeman's ealiler planetary denfesne robot. The X-J Line consist of Jenny and her eight "sisters", starting with X-J 1 the most basic of the line all the up to X-J 9 (Jenny), however there were metions of X-J 10, meant to be more advanced than Jenny. X-J 1- X-J 8 are Jenny's "younger sisters" as Jenny's advancements make them obsolete even though Jenny is the oldest in physical age.

X-J 1: The most basic of the X-J line . She is the youngest in the family. Egg shaped and she is not able to talk.

X-J 2: The second of the X-J line and she is the second youngest. he also can not talk and suffers from chornic hiccups.

X-J 3: The third of the line and she is the third youngest. She is not very well put together and often falls apart. Like X-J 1 and X-J 2 she can not talk.

X-J 4: The fourth of the line. She is very fussy about messes being made.

X-J 5: The fifth in the line. She is a flying head. She often annoys her "sisters" with her constant talking.

X-J 6: The sixth in the line. Much like a younger teenager X-J 6 is frequently jealous of Jenny and her other sisters for that matter.

X-J 7: The seventh in the line. She speaks with a depressed tone of voice making people around her feel not so very safe.

X-J 8: The eighth in the line. She a larger version of Jenny with more weapons and strength. She speaks in the standard "robot voice" unlike her speaking sisters whom each have voice that lets on to thier personality.

X-J 9 : The nineth in the line. She goes by Jenny and is the protagonist of the series.

X-J 10: Jokingly metioned by Nora when Jenny and her sisters slept in Jennys room before X-J 1 -X-J 8 were deactivated again. Blueprints for X-J 10 were seen in "A Robot For All Seasons".