Scruffles unleashing all of his Evil from the Inside of Jenny Wakeman..

One of Dr. Wakeman's lab rats, Mr. Scruffles—or as he has renamed himself, Vladimir. He and his mice are a reference to Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks. Mr. Scruffles speaks in a distinct Eastern European accent and bears a grudge against the elderly scientist for mutating his and the other lab rats' front paws and tails in Mickey Mouse fashion. He first appears in "Pest Control" where he leads the many rats in a coup d'état of Jenny's body, leaving her disembodied head behind in her bedroom, to destroy Wakeman. Jenny managed to defeat Vladmir and his army (with her head attached to Tuck's r/c race car) by luring them into the swimming pool where the rats' natural instincts forced them to "abandon ship" (Jenny's body). Wakeman kept Vladimir for further experiments while his comrades were taken away by Pest Control. Apparently he is supposed to be Disney's "Mickey Mouse". As you can see at the end,Wakeman makes him wear Mickey Mouse pants.

Vladimir returns in the season three episode "The Legion of Evil" where he forms a group of Jenny's old foes—Lancer, the Mudslinger, and the Mad Hammer Brothers—to exact their revenge on Jenny and steal a priceless Egyptian pillow made entirely of diamond. Their plan is thwarted when Brit and two other students—Jenny's partners for a history project at school—come to her aide. Vladimir sounds a bit different from "Pest Control".