"It only takes one person screaming to cause a panic" - Nora Wakeman on Jenny's ability to go to the fair.

Nora and Jenny are reviewing Jenny's weapons systems. When Nora tells Jenny to use Strechy arms and extendo fingers, Jenny gets confused. Nora gently scolds her for not studing her manual. Nora mutters that she wishes humans would come with operations manuals. Brad and Tuck show up and comment on how Strechy arms and Extendo fingers would be helpful in a tickle fight. Brad then states that Tuck and him are going to the fair and that they will be going on the Ferris Wheel. Brads reveals that Tuck is afriad of any wheel bigger than a car tire. Jenny asks if she could go to the fair. Nora answers no.

"No on will notice" Brad comments

"A six and half foot mechanical girl and no one will notice?" Nora inquired.

Jenny gets upset stating that no one would ever want to hang out with such a freaky looking robot as her self.