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My Life as a Teenage Robot
is the show which is the focus of this wiki, so presumably you know what it is. For the uninitiated, it was a cartoon on Nickelodeon about, yes, a teenage robot named XJ-9, or Jenny. It aired on the channel between 2003-2009, and can currently be seen on the Nicktoons. The show focuses around her life, balancing the regular follies of teenage life while fighting off numerous attacks by nefarious forces. Much of the humor in the show is based on Jenny's unusual perspective on the teenage world- she might have the personality of a teen, but she has the body of a robot, and so struggles to fit in and experience the world as a normal girl. Supporting characters include Nora Wakeman, her mother and creator; Brad and Tuck, her friends and nextdoor neighbors; and Sheldon, a nerd with a massive, unrequited crush on the automaton.

The show's visual style is relatively unique, as it features what creators have referred to as a "future deco" style. It borrows from the animation styles of the 1920s and 1930s, as well as pulp novel covers and myriad other sources.

It also make references to the 1920s and 1930s such as one of Vexus's disguises was of a flapper (a popular fashion for women during the 20s) and the Cluster itself was that of a fascist reign akin to Nazi Germany and Communist Soviet Union.

The show's creators are Fred Seibert and Rob Renzetti of Frederator Studios. It is currently on a unknown status at the moment but there are rumors of a movie.