Screen Shot from Action Zero, Brad Sitting On Jenny's Knees after a failed attempt to rescue her...

Last Action Zero Was an Episode from Season 2, It represented Brad who was sickin tired of fighting along the side lines and doing net duty. He joined Sky Way patrol only to find out that all you can do in that Faction was paperwork, endless, endless Paperwork... >:[


Last Action Zero: Brad joins the Skyway Patrol, to finally step up from being just Jenny's sidekick. She warns him against it, but he doesn't listen. Little does he know that Skyway Patrol consists more of paperwork than anything else! And with Jenny in trouble, and not all the paper work filed, who's supposed to save her? Mind Over Matter: Jenny gets defeated for the first time, but tries to use system upgrades to battle a hostile alien life form. These don't seem to work, and the robot starts wondering if she's become obsolete.



  • R Lee Ermey guest stars as the Drill Instructor