Killgore Surrender by SDS Doggy

Killgore(18-9-3333) Surrender Poster

A pint-sized terror with a mammoth ego; he is actually a 10 1/2 inch tall wind-up toy who will wind down and stop functioning unless his key is turned regularly. While he considers himself an evil overlord (possibly because a card bearing the word villain is tied to his diminutive frame) most people, especially girls, find his tiny form and protestations of his terrible evil endearing. Unfortunately, he is capable of almost anything to show he really is dangerous, including reconstructing Armagedroid to do his bidding. He uses a mental attack on his enemy (Repeatedly saying "surrender!" over at inconvenient and unusual places). He is also the only being to "defeat" Jenny by driving her crazy, Incidentally in the same episode, where Killgore make his debut a friend of Jenny saved Killgore and reprimanded Jenny, saying that Jenny is totally mad and the friends gets angry with Jenny and she goes away crying. He made his debut appearance in the episode of the same name, in which he wanted Jenny to surrender to the Cluster, thinking that he'll become the Cluster's leader and destroy mankind; when Jenny kept ignoring him, Killgore kept appearing everywhere and ordering Jenny to surrender, and in the end, she finally does and brings him to the Cluster, but they are defeated after the Cluster taunt Killgore. His final appearance was in "Enclosure of Doom."