MLaaTR Kenny by Raingrass

Despite being a Robot, Kenny was known to have half a Dog Personality...

Designed by Dr. Mogg, YK-9 renamed himself Kenneth 'Kenny' Mogg, just as XJ-9 did to Jenny. When they first meet, the two teenage robots immediately take an interest in each other. Kenny proves to be very sweet and loyal to Jenny, including using his powers to make the pizza when the party they attended was nearly ruined by a broken oven. However, Kenny had numerous strange behaviors such as showing affection with his tongue. This, along with his robotic name being YK-9 caused Jenny to realize that her date was part dog (she had a dream that they`d get married and a stork delivers their puppies). Jenny kept going out with him due to how popular being with him made her. Unfortunately, this attracted the jealousy of Sheldon. After several failed attempts to expose the truth about Kenny, Sheldon finally ran into Mogg while the scientist was looking for Kenny, and Mogg dragged Kenny home to be punished. YK-9 was again seen in Agent-00 Sheldon, wherein he was one of the captured robots that was sent to destruction by an evil secret organization.