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To make up for the great damage Jenny causes to Tremorton High while fighting the Cluster, Dr. Wakeman agrees to give a scientific lecture at the school. Unfortunately for Jenny, she's the subject.


Teacher: Uh, Jenny? Jenny Wakeman? (Jenny gets thrown in and out the class room) Jenny: He-ere!

Brad: Come on Jenny, being a super hero is da bomb! I'd trade places with you any day! Jenny: How 'bout now? You can go to my house and get yelled at. Brad: Uh... no...

Jenny: (revealing all of her weapons) You screamed? Boy: I found a nickel, but you can have it. Brad: What happened? Am I too late? (the boy runs into Brad, causing the pot on Brad's head to cover his eyes) Turning out the lights won't save you! You think you bad? Welcome to bad Brad baby! You want a piece-a-me? (beating up locker) How 'bout this piece? Or this? I'll rain down a world of hurt. Boo-Yah! Come to papa! No pain, no gain! Jenny: Okay. Relax, Jen. There's still plenty of time for something to go wrong. (Boy runs by screaming) Brad: Batteries not included! Your mileage may vary!

Jenny: (seeing Brad dressed up in kitchenware) I would say you're the Tin Man, but you seem to be missing a brain instead of a heart.

(Brad and Jenny singing a duet) Brad: Vexus will destroy the school with interstellar blasts. Jenny: Then some slimy monsters will unleash their deadly blasts. Brad: Toxic radiation beams from out beyond the stars. Jenny: Mutant cyborgs launch attacks from Jupiter and Mars. Brad: Robo bikers peeling wheelies down the corridors. Jenny: Freshmen being eaten by galactic carnivores. Both: Dams burst! Tornadoes blow! Locusts devour! Volcanoes explode! This is going to be the greatest day!


When Jenny say "I would say you're the Tin Man, but you seem to be missing a brain instead of a heart." That line is a reference to the movie, The Wizard Of Oz where there is a tin man who has no heart.

Dr. Wakeman's full first name is Norene, not Nora, as was implied in "Tradeshow Showdown."