Himculese As he is shown before his Actual Identity was shown...

Himcules is a tan buff man wearing a black toga with a yellow "H" on it. Whenever someone cries in pain around him, he gets stronger. But if someone laughs at him (or his attacks) does the opposite, so he weakens down into a pale little nerd. He was first seen in "This Time With Feeling" when Jenny steals her mother's prototype nerve endings. Due to being stuck in "Pain" mode, Jenny couldn't move without getting hurt. This allowed Himcules to continue his looting in town. However, Jenny was able to switch back to "Tickle" (thanks to a little girl) mode and defeat Himcules just by laughing at him. He is rather sexist, making very demeaning remarks about women (much like Gaston in Beauty and the Beast).

When he was buff, Himcules was voiced by Bruce Campbell. It is unknown who voiced him as a nerd.