Glen Wakeman by 14 bis

Glen Wakeman Portrait pulled off of Deviant Art...

Glen Wakeman
is the son of Wateria Wakeman and the Cousin of Jenny Wakeman, stated on the Episode Never Say Uncle. He appears to be known as a Monster plant type creature with the ability to grow plants and communicate with Nature. He seems to have a very nice personality and also can be a very kind hearten creature. He first met Jenny in Episode never say uncle when Nora's sister Wisteria arrives for a visit by a call from Jenny while she was away. The 2 develop a great relationship but are hurt to see their own parents fighting against one another over nonsense that happened 25 years ago. Their first attempt to get their parents to stop figthing had failed when Wateria destroyed the telescope and calling it cheap, leading to the 2 to wind up in another argument. Finally Glen and Jenny soon brawl it off finally at last bringing peace between the 2 sisters and have them forget about what ever has happened in the past. Glen has never been seen or heard from since.