Dr Mogg

Dr Mogg during the events of Season 2...

Old colleagues in the robotics industry, Dr. Wakeman and Dr. Mogg have a bitter rivalry that dates way back. Apparently, Mogg has had a history of ripping off Wakeman's experiments, or "perfecting them", as he prefers it. Mogg first appeared in "Tradeshow Showdown" where he insulted Wakeman and is unimpressed with Jenny. However, his attitude changed about her when she defeated Vexus' army, and he later set to work on designing his own version of her. As a result, YK-9, or Kenny as he renames himself, makes his appearance in "Love 'Em or Leash 'Em", designed to be the perfect teenage robot boy, though also to be part dog. When Jenny and Kenny secretly went out, in spite of their respective parents' history, Mogg set out to find his creation and was pointed in the right direction by a jealous Sheldon.