Clusters 14bis

Clusters Drones that were shown throughout the series...

The Drones of The Cluster Served as the Major Military Units of the Cluster, serving under their Queen Vexus and their major Commander of Operations Symptus. They were shown through almost every series to have been Invading Earth in an attempt to force X-J9 In joining The Cluster. They were designed as Beatles and were known to be servilely Weak, they were shown to be thrashed not only by X-J9, but by the humans of Middleton. They can also cause problems with their own faction such as in the Episode Dress to Kill, when one of the Drones accidentally ejected a large swarm of Pit Crystals into orbit. Angered at this Stupidity Symptus Ejected all of his Minions into Space. Their Fates were unknown, It was either they crashed into a planet and got destroyed on Impact, or a Cluster Ship arrived and gathered them all again.