Armagedroid confrontation by 14 bis

Armagedroid Sucking Jenny into his Cannon Sysems...

When created by Dr. Wakeman about twenty years before Jenny and her sisters, A-1, a.k.a. Armageddroid (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson), was, for its time, the most advanced and powerful robot ever created. He is the size of a city block and possesses an arsenal of weapons, all of which to serve his programmed duty of disarming and destroying enemy weaponry.

Armageddroid was built during a major war between Skyway Patrol and a massive invasion of various alien attackers. Unfortunately, after the alien attackers were deflected, Armageddroid, being unable to discern friend from foe, began to destroy Earth's own weaponry out of a righteous crusade. In the end, Dr. Wakeman managed to convince her creation that the ultimate weapon was hidden at the core of the planet and he dug himself down through Earth's crust. He fell for it, and Armageddroid was supposedly gone forever.

Twenty years later he returned to the surface, apparently having ascertained that there were, in fact, no weapons at Earth's core. He was soon confronted by Jenny, but he easily overpowered her. Thankfully, in his restless search for weapons to destroy, Dr. Wakeman and Jenny managed to trick him into ingesting a proton bomb into his internal melting oven and he exploded.

Later, Armageddroid returned, having been rebuilt by the diminutive Killgore in a joint-effort towards revenge on Jenny (though it was never revealed how it was even possible for Killgore to have done that). Once again, Jenny proved that Armageddroid's worst enemy was himself, as she convinced him that he himself was a weapon. With no clue as to self-preservation or irony, Armageddroid literally tore himself apart upon hearing those words.

Armaggerdroid was possibly the first robot built by Dr. Wakeman, due to the fact XJ-1 was made to replace him.